John Carpenter’s Night

John Carpenter Live was a really pretty amazing if you are a Carpenter fan. They played for about an hour and half, but you also got to see Escape from New York before the performance. I have never seen Escape on the big screen or with a large group of people, it was quite an experience. Whenever Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) came on screen or did something very Snake like everyone hissed! My buddy and I were completely amused at watching everybody hissing at the movie.

It was really an wonderful experience to hear the themes that I love being played live, of course they had clips from the films to go a long . You basically got a trailer or abbreviated film. He played quite a few from his new albums Lost Themes I & II. I have some pictured below. My phone died on me so I didn’t get every song. Some that were not pictured were:

Prince of Darkness

In the Mouth of Madness

The Thing – Which is interesting, because Carpenter did not do the score for The Thing. It was Ennino Morricone. He dedicated it to Ennino and was very honored to work with him. It was the Carpenter version of the theme. Pretty cool.

Christine – Which they closed with. Pretty neat one end with.

Amazingly Fun Night!

-David M.