Detroit, but not Detroit

On a lot of occasions there are films that take place in a certain city, state or country that never filmed in that location or very little. Which is understandable in a lot of cases due to budget concerns. But you have a movie named after a city and you barely filmed there it kind of doesn’t sit right.

On August 4th a new film Directed by Katherine Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) called Detroit. It is about the Police Raid that led up to the 1967 Riots in Detroit. Great topic to have on film, real interesting right? The movie is called Detroit and to my understanding a very small chunk of the film was shot in Hamtramck. A majority of the film was shot in Massachusetts according to Internet Movie Database. Just for myself if they are trying to showcase the time and feel of Detroit I would like to have seen this shot more in Detroit with such a strong subject matter. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but it just feels hollow for 67 Riots to be on a set in Massachusetts.

This has even happened here in Detroit where at the height of our film incentives we were used for quite a few films for pretty much anything. Case in point we were used as part of Texas in the Drew Barrymore directed film “Whip It”. The movie wasn’t called Texas though……..just my opinion. I hope it is a very good depiction of the story. Just wish there was a little more Detroit in Detroit.