John Carpenter’s Detroit

No the Director extraordinaire John Carpenter is not starting a new picture here in Detroit sadly. The great news though is he is coming to town tomorrow on part 30 city wide tour. He will be performing music from his films scores and some of his original work from his two albums Lost Themes and Lost Themes II. In addition there will be a screening of Escape From New York. The concert will be performed at the Masonic Temple at the Cathedral Theater.

John Carpenter is one of my all time favorite directors. I can’t wait to see him live. I will have a review and song list after the concert hopefully. I am hoping for some “Big Trouble in Little China” music. There are still tickets available. My buddy and I grew up watching Carpenter’s films, and we are going for his birthday tomorrow. Just thought I would this out there for some fun Detroit news.

-David M

John Carpenter Tour Page



A New Beginning

I started this blog in 2013 in the hopes of adding to it often. It has not been touched since my first 2 posts. Life gets in the way of course, but I want to start this again with a new beginning. I am still going to profile films made in Detroit, but also try to have updates of current pictures filming or related to Detroit as well. Here is to a new beginning…..

-David M